The Last Archer




    Fire at will! Fire at will!

    It's up to you as The Last Archer to save your peaceful valley kingdom from hordes of hostile night creatures.

    Your super archery skills are all that stand between your home and hordes of bloodthirsty bats ... nasty witches on broomsticks ... lethal fast-flying ninja stars ... and more!

    The witches and their evil creatures attack your tower in 15 massive waves. They get tougher and tougher to kill. And there's more of them every time!

    So you'll need a fast finger to loose your arrows accurately and swiftly.

    Tap any target to shoot it before it passes your tower. But your aim must be true. If you let too many pass, your kingdom will be ravaged and ruined.

    Fortunately you have some magical help at hand.

    If you're getting overwhelmed, press the Wind button to slow down and drive back all invaders for 10 seconds.

    Or have yourself a bat barbecue by pressing the Lightning button. You'll bring down a huge lightning storm to scorch your enemies from the sky.

    You can also power up by shooting 3 arrows at a time to clear out your enemies triple-quickly.

    But you have only a limited supply of each ability.

    Gain as much gold as you can to keep your kingdom safe. The more kills you make -- and the faster you make them -- the more bonuses you'll win.

    Your people are counting on you, so you cannot fail!

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