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    Better get your balancing act together! "Topple" is a simple yet hair-raising unique action puzzle that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
    Keep a tower of spheres balanced by tilting your phone left and right. Prevent it from toppling over as it gets hit by random orbs. Collect and utilize powerups to help keep the tower of spheres stable.
    It is slick, simple yet addictive, and requires incredible skills to master!
    In this new atmospheric action puzzle, colored orbs will hit your sphere tower and make it unstable. These orbs will hit with increasing force, that only gets harder as you play longer!
    Counteract these forces by tilting your device to avoid toppling. The game utilizes your device's gyroscope accurately so all you have to do is tilt it, but be careful not to do too much tilting or your tower will topple!

    There are 9 levels to unlock:
    - Level 1: It's all about the basics of balancing, but watch out for those orbs!
    - Level 2: NEW POWERUP! Stabilizing Power lets you recover from impossible positions
    - Level 3: NEW POWERUP! Nuke incoming orbs before they bring you down
    - Level 4: MYSTERY BITS! What do they do and what will happen in further levels? Play the game to find out.

    Collecting powerups will keep the odds in your favor.
    Tilt and balance your way to the top high scores online.
    Play in 9 different arenas with exciting new challenges. Can you conquer them all?

    NOTE: For a small price you can unlock the premium version to remove advertisements and get a small BONUS. But this game isn't pay-to-win. It requires great skills and reflexes, mastery of gravity and balance, strategy, and perfect timing on the use of power-ups to your advantage.

    Topple is FREE to play forever.

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