Zombie Desperation Classic




    Ominous Entertainment presents "Zombie Desperation", a new totally FREE! classic arcade, zombie horror and shooting game. The zombie apocalypse is here! Fight hordes of zombies in this fun and hard game until they rip you apart!

    Surviving hordes of zombies has never been harder. Will you survive the battle against the undead? Or will you die and have your flesh devoured? Fight and survive as long as you can!

    -Tap the zombies to shoot them with the current equipped weapon
    -Tap the weapon pickups to get ammo for different types of weapons
    -Tap and keep pressed the weapon icon at the bottom of the HUD to enter the weapons menu.
    -Tap med kits to get more health points
    -Shake your mobile device if a zombie grabs you

    -Kill the mutants that can grab you first
    -Don't panic, keep shooting under pressure
    -ALWAYS pick up the weapons you see
    -The shotgun is your best friend


    2D Graphics were implemented to create more realistic and terrific horror gaming experience.

    Your main weapon is your trustworthy handgun, and you can find several high powered weapons such as shotguns and machine guns scattered throughout each level. Zombie Desperation will be updated soon with new weapons to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. These updates will include such weapons as a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher and a flamethrower!

    Enjoy shocking horror themed music that will motivate you to splatter the brains of the undead. A different track is implemented on each level to provide a more entertaining and totally FREE zombie killing experience.

    Zombie Desperation makes use of the accelerometer to fend off the hordes of the undead. Several mutants are able to grab you. The only way to survive is to shake your mobile device! Just make sure you don’t drop it!
    Some mutants will restrain you from shooting, in effect accumulating zombies behind them that will slaughter you!
    Still others will deal damage and eat you alive... what a terrible fate!

    While the zombie apocalypse of carnage frontier is limited to a city, Zombie Desperation stages are part of the police station area. Kill zombies at the lobby, the entrance, power room, the prison area, the hallway and others!
    Zombie Desperation is updated with new FREE! content every month. One day you might find new Zombies, and other days new weapons and levels. Have fun with the cool new content each month!

    - Zombie Desperation is totally free of micro-transaction fees. In other words this is a completely FREE zombie game! Play all the new content we bring you for free.

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