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    Published: 2014-03-17, by .

    Zombie Killer Squad is an endless first-person running game

    • Upgrading system
    • Online leaderboards
    • Addictive gameplay
    • Not really original (Temple Run-like game)
    • No parental control for IAP

    "Zombie Run!"

    Taking a relic and escaping from a temple while monkey monsters chase after you is a too hackeneyed concept. Section Studios, Inc. and 3BD Games LLC. have taken the 3D first-person endless running game concept and have given it a new approach.

    In Zombie Killer you embody one out of three members of a squad (unlockable) who are trying to escape a zombie rampage. Some Zombies will be chasing you and some other will try to block your way. You must dodge and shoot them, whatever needed to keep running and collecting coins.

    Of course, the further you get and the more coins you grab, the better the final score, that you can submit on online leaderboards. Try to grab some items such as coins magnet and ammo that will help you last longer.

    The game is set in cute 3D graphics with a good deal of humor. Tap & swipe controls are quite responsive and game's pace is perfect to guarantee addictiveness and progression. In addition, the upgrading system and the social sharing features make it highly playable. Recommended.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 17, 2014


    New characters, new weapons, new achievement system. Everything is brand NEW!!!

    We've heard your voice and the 2.0 version is finally here. It will definitely blow your - or zombies' - mind. Join Luke, SeaNanners, Syndicate, iHasCupQuake, and TmarTn on this new journey!

    2.2 Updates:
    - Fix for weapon upgrade bugs
    - Fix for badge rank up bugs

    2.0 Updates:
    - 2 New Characters: TmarTn & Cupquake
    - Achievements: Level Up Your Rank, Unlock Accessories and Weapons by Completing Objectives
    - All Characters Have Specific Advantages
    - 3 New Weapons: El Laser, Noob Tube, Yotslazer
    - Weapons Are Now Upgradable
    - 6 New Accessories For Head, Torso, and Legs
    - Major & Minor Bug Fixes
    - New HUD Meter Showing Zombie Multiplier

    Previous Updates:

    - Addition of the Weapons Locker: You now have the ability to choose from an arsenal of weapons that will be constantly updated!
    - New Weapons: Choose from 1 of 3 new weapons including:
    - "The Closer" A long distance sniper rifle.
    - "The Viper" A powerful crossbow that penetrates 3 zombies at a time.
    - "The Shelby" A triple barrled shotgun and destroys zombies in 3 lanes at a time.

    - Addition of a new map and new zombie types!

    - Silhouetted Character (See if you can guess who's coming next)

    - Main menu UI updates
    - Various Bug Fixes
    - Critical Performance Fixes
    - Improved Stability
    - Improved GUI
    - Mount Improvements
    - Shop Fixes

    - Addition of the Coin Multiplier (Ability to purchase 2X multiplier to double your coins per run!)
    - Addition of the Zombie Multiplier (Kill more zombies, multiply your score!)
    - Addition of Item Directory in Shop (Don't know what everything is, look it up in the directory!)

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