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    Published: 2014-05-26, by Peter Warrior.

    A higher level of originality comes to time management games.

    • Fun, fun, zombie, fun
    • Great 3D work
    • Suited for frenzied, frenetic gamers.
    • Loading times

    "Moreover, it comes with zombies inside!"

    Zombie Wonderland was previewed a few weeks ago, here.

    Chuck is a zombie cleaner, which is an upright and honest job, who lives and works in Niceville, a great place to both live and grew in. Unless you mind about zombies, of course.

    It's quite hard to explain how Zombie Wonderland 2 works. A grosso modo, it isn't different from a time management game where you have to board up windows, shoot zombies down thanks to Betsy the shotgun and clean all the mess up with a mop instead of refilling shelves and attending customers. If you don't get eaten alive nor lose your brains out you'll be rewarded using the three star rating so in vogue these times according to how much green slime is left around. To cheer all up, there's a hourglass that badly ends the current mission whenever time runs out.

    Gameplay is kinda overly dramatic, histrionic if you would, because everything happens very fast, some essential actions as blowing up the head to a passer-by zombie requires one single tap, while reinforcing a window may need up to ten taptaptaptap and zombies are getting near grrrrwl arrrgh and you have to clean everything up splash splurt squirt. Hope you understand. ZW2 is very funny yet it can become hateful very quickly.

    Not everything are perks, though. Stage loadings can be a pain, and ads, even when don't interfere in game, require to be online. An other point to fix on next updates is that game should prevent screen from dimming out, so it'd be better if you paid due attention to the game unless you want to find yourself with your device locked, lagged and in the desktop.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter how you look, shoot or mop it. Zombie Wonderland 2 was fated to be one of the most fun games all throughout this year and, honestly (as honest as Chuck is) it has meet all the expectations and beyond. And (let it be a biiig AND) it's free from the start to the end. As usual, there are some in-app purchase to boost your prowess, but if you can survive to ads, you should be able to survive to a handful of zombies, shouldn't you?

    Xoobis guys may have found pleasure exceeding their own expectations, because they've brought something really big to Android.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 26, 2014



    Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! is a wild romp into the crazy, zombie-filled universe of Chuck, Niceville’s own Zombie Cleaner, on an quest to rid the town from the undead pests once and for all!

    With frantic gameplay, Zombie Wonderland2: Outta Time! is the unique combination of Survival Cleaning, Time Mismanagement and Shoot’em Zombies gameplay genres.

    ★ Travel back in time with Chuck, and fight through the hordes of undead in this action packed adventure!
    ★ Pick your anti-zombie arsenal carefully, as there are dozens of wacky weapons to use against the shuffler’s onslaught!
    ★ 31 Missions, 12 different places to fight, 25 different types of zombies, big and small, to make your life very complicated – fast!
    ★ Use your cleaning tools to keep your clients happy. Shoot first, then mop the undead’s guts off the floor, or you will pay for the damage!
    ★ Amazing layered orchestral soundtracks, along with tons of sound effects and elaborate voice-overs, the game delivers an earful in the sounds department!

    What the press is saying:

    G4 TV: “This is an adrenaline junkie’s dream game: part real-time twitch, part defense, ZW2 puts you in the shoes of Chuck, a “zombie cleaner.”

    Kotaku – Gaming App of the Day: “The core gameplay here is proven and joyful.” "I really have nothing bad to say about Zombie Wonderland 2 at all; the graphics, sounds, and voice-overs are all top-notch and the game as a whole is pretty damn awesome."

    AndroidZoom: "Xoobis guys may have found pleasure exceeding their own expectations, because they've brought something really big to Android."

    Touch Arcade: “Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! has everything a good zombie game needs: guns, girls, guts, green goo and a generous amount of cleaning equipment.”

    AppTudes: "The game exceeds expectations in nearly all respects. Zombie Wonderland2 is a must buy for any and every zombie survival game fan out there."

    Touchgen: “The best thing of course about these new areas of the past, are the crazy new enemy types you’ll encounter.”

    Unbound Gamer: “I was so hyper playing this game, since each stage you clear unlocks something interesting like new locations and even crazy ammo for your li’l Betsy to engulf and fire.”

    Appolicious: “This game is clearly a labor of love from its creators.”

    The Washington Times: “Also, pop in the ear buds to hear a chilling musical score from composer Tapani Siirtola that really sets a lighthearted Halloween mood (with a Scooby-Doo vibe) for the supernatural shenanigans.”

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