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    Crazy Ropes : The Ninja Escape

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    Crazy Ropes : The Ninja Escape is a ropes game in which you must escape the Ninja Ropes Tower.

    Play through crazy levels of Ninja Tower. Complete them all to unlock endless mode, grind more coins, unlock mega characters and bonuses. Get ready for more levels! We will add them with the next update!

    Jump, swing, fly between ropes to climb up and help six doodle heroes with mega powers escape the temple tower.
    * Indi is a fearless explorer, his biggest dream is to discover the Atlantis
    * Dryad feel ropes' swings and she is super cute
    * Ninja likes climbing rope, every kind of ropes, even oil ropes !
    * Vampire doesn't like ropes at all, he switches ropes quickly - he jumps between ropes with higher speed
    * Kenye East can collect coins from nearby rope,
    * ORBI - doodle chewing gum, mega hero with each mega power !

    Cut out for the great rope adventure, the temple adventure of your life! Winter is coming, its getting icy , warm up yourself with this ropes game for free. Crazy Ropes The Ninja Escape game is a different look on ropes games.

    Let's jump into ROPE GAMES OBJECTIVES
    Your goal is to climb as high as you can in the temple tower ! Jump between temple ropes , escape temple's chambers to achive your goal and find treasures better than those hidden in the lost city of atlantis!
    Remember to:
    * collect coins - to unlock additional content like mega powers & cute characters
    * collect bonuses - to make game easier and to collect even more coins :)

    Avoid obstacles as you jump up the temple tower
    Watch out for sneaky birds trying to cut you of the ropes. Watch out or you will be on thin icy ice !
    Temple tower is full ropes, but also full of obstacles. Escape from them before it is too late:
    * watch out for fragments of the tower
    * poisonous snakes
    * deadly eagles
    * falling stones
    * slippery rope (does not affect Ninja jumper)
    * giant stone heads and many more!
    Dash into them and its Game Over!

    Helpful power ups
    Fortunately there is some help on the way. Mega power ups like:
    * save me - continue playing without losing current progress
    * mega jumps - will switch ropes faster !
    * magnets - you don't have to collect coins, coins will come to you!
    * points multipliers - collect points faster
    * bullet time - slow down time in the temple tower and make rope manoeuvres a lot easier
    Power ups will show up on the ropes and help you escape the temple tower.

    Run into coins to collect them
    Along the way pick-up as many coins as you can because these can be used to buy various stuff like i.e. faster jumps (mega power up!). How would you cut the pie up? There is much content and power ups to be unlocked :)
    * additional characters
    * power-up upgrades - level them up to make them last longer :)

    Crazy Ropes : The Ninja Escape is a clear-cut that the ropes games can be entertaining & addictive :) More features & worlds to come in updates! Stay tuned!

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