Mr. Angry Munchy Alien




    Here comes the first product of Amagine Interactive’s Flappy Series!

    + Challenging and Earnest Gameplay!
    + Easy to Play, Hard to Master!
    + Endless Level!
    + Eye-catching and Soothing Graphics!
    + Powerful Media of Awesomeness-bragging to Friends!

    Mr. Angry Munchy Alien is in a bad mood, and he is also really, really, really hungry. He will eat anything on its way. Help him eat those annoyingly innocent and yummy greenies alien. But, be careful! Because Mr. Angry Munchy Alien has a difficult time seeing when hungry, and he has a very BIG appetite!

    Make Mr. Angry Munchy Alien flap like a bird by pressing anywhere on the screen, balance him and help him eat all the greenies to gain as much score as you can! And don’t forget to connect with google play to share your high score!

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