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    This is the ONE and ONLY authorized Neon Ninja game in the world!

    Haptic feedback integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is an open beta program. This game is graphically intensive and intended for more powerful phones and other capable devices. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have a MINIMUM of 512 MEGS of MEMORY, or it is likely you will see crashes! This version MAY disappear or be upgraded to full once testing is complete. Please DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE COMMENTS HERE, please instead leave HELPFUL FEEDBACK or comments at the BLOGSITE at
    ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT is your feedback on if it WORKED for your phone or device?

    Lesen Sie die Anweisungen
    This is a graphically intensive game, and WILL NOT RUN on phones or devices WITHOUT graphics processors - usually crashing at the splash screen. If your device does not have a GPU, it simply is not going to work.
    If it DOESN'T work for your device, please leave feedback on the BLOGSITE! Please don't be like the angry German kid.
    Incompatible devices will be put on an imcompatible exclusion list.

    The Neon Ninja, copyright 1991 Eric Sahlstrom. Conversion from PC beta version to Android game. This is the first version and VERY beta. This version may disappear from the market to heavily tweak or change features.

    This game is based on the comic of the same name created by Eric Sahlstrom. The story is you are playing Jin Haik the Neon Ninja who has special powers that include solidifying light to form weapons or shields. You are attempting to rescue your friend Michael, and your village from enemy attack.

    This is episode 1 of a multi game series.

    *** Known glitches:
    * loading screen crashes on devices without GPU's
    * semi random crash if ads fail to load
    * crash on some levels due to corrupted rooms.. narrowing down where the glitch lays
    * lives counter doesn't work - so keep playing! :D
    * sometimes you get stuck in an enemy character - hit punch, - kick or sword to get out. working on a fix
    * sometimes while pressing the N (shields) and pressing another button results in the screen not following you anymore. Press the N button again to refocus.

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