Pinoy Bird




    Meet Pino, the proud Pinoy Bird. He has only one goal in life and that is to uplift the Filipinos' spirit by flying around with the Philippine flag and raising it up high above the skies as a symbol that Filipinos can rise above any problem or difficulty.

    Help Pino fly and maneuver around to overcome any obstacles and challenges that may come his way to show your support for his cause. Help him show the world that it doesn't matter how many wars, earthquakes, natural disasters, calamities or super storms come our way, the Filipino spirit will never die and the Filipino people will always endure and prevail.

    Are you a true "Pinoy"? Help Pino the proud Pinoy Bird inspire and motivate all the Filipinos in the Philippines and all over the world by raising and keeping the Philippine flag up high in the sky for as long as you can. Be an inspiration to your fellow Filipinos and be proud to be Pinoy!

    Simple but challenging and addicting Gameplay
    Endless Game
    Share Score on Facebook
    Save High Scores
    Rate Feature
    Can Pause and Resume the Game anytime

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