Sukhu Dukhu adventure




    Bengal's first folk story based game.Monster, Adventure, Casual, Action game
    The best monster game on mobile!
    Action & Run & defensive type of game perfect combination
    - Simple control, attack monster
    - story mode, up to 25 Levels
    - 27 different worlds
    - Guarantees you many long hours of fun
    - Shop System
    The game sets a village ambiance with folk music background score. Kids game, Bengali Mythology based game.
    Sukhu Dukhu is a single player, adventure mobile game. With 25 game levels, Sukhu Dukhu starts with a simple, 15 year old poor village girl player who is running after the wind to catch the cottons that the wind takes away from her.
    While running after the wind to reach the cottons, the little girl faces numerous hurdles including a cow asking for help and the game player now has a choice whether to help the cow or to ignore and run behind the wind to take back the cottons.
    If the user helps the cow, wins a prize and then goes on to the next level of the game and the journey continues. As the game progresses, the character starts to become beautiful or ugly, depending upon the times she has helped the animals or whether she chooses to skip helping the animals.

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