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    Published: 2013-04-10, by Peter Warrior.

    A discovery and management game at once

    • Varied gameplay
    • Amount of missions and stuff
    • Sandbox playing
    • It could teach something to kids

    "Darling it's better down where it's wetter"

    Treasure diving is an open world discovering game in where you have to both create and manage a submarine station and investigate nearby places to dig out treasures, gems and gold coins. In your way you'll find typical sea fauna, ghost pirates and who knows what else. Energy is measured as oxygen bubbles, though several algae can provide additional air when harvested.

    We'd like it much if it actually taught something, because when your characters destroys coral, chases octopuses away and digs for digging sake when he could be cleaning the sea-bed and learning how to protect and admire sea depths. At least, the cartoon-like graphics orient to this game to a kid and teen target, so that was the first that came to our mind when we played it.

    Aside of this pedagogical claim, game's fun and, above all, varied, with lots of missions to fulfill, buildings to build and sunk artifacts to find. As you alternate management and discovery playing, it has a long playability and an original way to bring new fresh air to management gaming.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 10, 2013


    Batten down the hatches! We're diving into the challenging sea adventure!
    Be careful! You will find many obstacles on the way: greedy pirates and sweet-voiced sirens, the bloodthirsty Kraken and a cunning witch.
    You'll see sunken ancient cities and galleons with holds full of gold.
    Pimp your submarine and set off on a journey. Incredible adventures and greatest discoveries are waiting for you.
    Enjoying fantastic sea views, don't forget about the purpose of your trip: explore new locations, find a book of magical recipes, gather together all the parts of the old map and save Captain Jack from the terrible curse.
    Feel like a fearless explorer of the sea depths!

    Game features:
    - Over 30 exciting expeditions to complete
    - Over 100 unique artifacts to discover
    - Over 25 different buildings to build
    - Over 50 exotic marine inhabitants
    - Awesome colorful graphics
    - Varied gameplay experiences
    - Endless sandbox gameplay

    800x480 or higher resolution is required.
    You may need to download nearly 150MB when you first start the game.

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