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    Zombie War : The Revenge

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    Welcome to Jungle, where fortunes are made and lives are lost with a roll of the dice!

    Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the Jungle of Sin in the open-world action game!

    Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun zombie wars!

    Zombie War is an open Jungle, survival game where your objective is to survive in this hostile environment. Hunt, explore and craft to survive! Use your building, crafting, exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at all cost.
You are stranded on a lost Jungle and to your horror you have no idea how you got there. It almost feels like apocalypse. Explore the vast city and salvage anything that may help you survive before night comes! Are you a survivor? Survivors only last.


    Amazing real-time, full 3D graphics with special effects.
- Epic fights full of impressive enemies and stunning special powers.
- The action simulation really comes to life as destructible 3D environments splinter and explode.

    Game Storyline:
    In this First-person shooter action game, you will play as a rising the survival champion. Framed by the Zombie, you are supposed to throw your bout at the fighting event of the year. But when your opponent beats you to the punch and goes down first, famous crime lord The Big zombie’s perfect plan goes down too. You have just become the most wanted survivor in the Jungle. In a place where crime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tightly and take part in the wildest zombie wars ever!

    A Zombie War is an island with no people, where nobody lives & an undiscovered island.
    The many dead bodies of animals on Zombie War.

    Zombie War sand is red, rumored to have absorbed much blood from past conquests. The lifeless trees rustle with dry breezes. Yet be ever careful, for even the water that lap at the dying tide is black. The evil of this island is ancient. Too ancient. Even for time to conquer...

    It stood like an omen. Dark vibes radiating from the very shore. Trees swaying as if to warn off any who come near. Ash it was the ash of thousands of dead bodies scattered from the pastTypically, a Zombie War is denoted as such because it exists in a state of being abandoned.

    If you are looking for the ultimate shooting game, Zombie is for you. You will also love this game if you like: action, gun shooting.

    Zombie War Key Features:
    - Console quality 3D graphics
    - Play Offline.
    - Real physics.
    - Fast paced, intense gameplay.
    - FREE download – and completely free-to-play
    - Beautiful & feel the handling and style!
    - Various locations and difficulty levels
    - Realistic 3D graphics.
    - Easy of use
- Challenging Levels
- Realistic Mechanism

    The war against the dead has begun. Zombie War is a pivotal military operation to secure a zombie-infested jungle. You are a member of an elite military team that will blast through the dead until the zombies are annihilated, and the jungle is secure. You will carry out missions to defend assets, protect the injured, gather supplies, provide sniper support and above all, hunt and kill the zombies.

    In this thrilling zombie shooter, you are armed with guns and weapons, tech, and armor, to help you survive the hordes of dead swarming this jungle. To become the ultimate zombie destroyer, you will need all of your military skills to fight the dead in unique environment.

    This game supports smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 and up.
    Download it today and see what the buzz is about!

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