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    1. Professor Salinger's office
    -Find the laptop, and zoom in to turn it on.
    -Grab the cable, and then move it from the inventory to the laptop
    -Click on the laptop again, and when the light goes out, find the flashlight.
    -Move the plate under the desk, and click on the generator.
    -Find a fuel can and a funnel. Then move the funnel to the generator, followed by the fuel can.
    -Now zoom in on the generator again, and press the big button to turn it on.
    -Now that the electricity is back on, turn on the computer again.
    -Find the save behind the big lion stone on the desk, take the key and then open it.

    2. A large green stone slab will come up. Examine it, and then return to the excavation site.

    3. Take the key and use it to open the drawer, and take all the listed items from the drawer.
    -Now return to the room overview, and find all other items.

    4. Last before you leave, find 4 food items.

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