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    Published: 2011-11-02, by .

    Think strategically and start sending troops to the other islands to capture them

    • Original idea
    • Entertaining
    • Too short
    • Only one game

    "Capture all the island to yourself"

    Archipielago Demo is a pretty original strategy game where your goal is to capture all the islands that appear on the map.

    Some might be yours, some might be neutral and some might be from your enemy. What you need to do is to tap on your island and then tap on the island you want to send your troops to so as to capture it, but keeping in mind that the number inside the island shows its strength and you might need more than one troop to capture it (you need to make that number decrease to zero in order for the island to be yours). The same thing happens with your island, as you need to be careful not to let the number decrease and let the others attack you.

    The game is addictive and kind of challenging but the problem is that this is a free trial version and it's way too short and it doesn't include more than one game to try. In conclusion, this game developed by Second Gear Games is a promising but as it's too short and with no features we can't give it a good rating. It should be longer and include more levels.

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    Nov 02, 2011


    Free lite version of our addictive fast-paced real-time strategy game. Easy to learn, hard to master. Grow and deploy your forces to capture islands of a tropical archipelago.

    This version is limited to a tutorial and one playable map. The full version has unlimited number of maps.Play in campaign mode or set up your own games with AI opponents and teams.

    Archipelago is a highly-addictive real-time strategy game that is easy to learn. The goal of the game is to grow and deploy your troops to conquer a tropical archipelago.

    Archipelago's gameplay is astonishingly straightforward: tap an island controlled by your forces to select it, and then tap an enemy A.I. island to send your troops there. Half of an island's available troops participate in the attack; the other half say behind to defend the island. To take over an enemy island you must overwhelm the island with more troops than they have currently defending. It may take several attack waves to capture the island!

    The best strategy may include capturing a neutral (grey) island. Large islands can station more troops, and your forces will grow faster. You can send an attack wave from multiple islands. Drag your finger across the screen to select the islands you wish to have participate in the attack.

    The full version of Archipelago has unlimited number of maps. It can be played with more than on A.I. player and includes Campaign and Single Game modes. In Campaign Mode, you will always control the blue player, and you have no allies. In Single Game mode, you can configure teams as you desire using seven colors and up to four teams. A useful tutorial is also available to walk you through the game functions.

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