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    Published: 2012-07-17, by Peter Warrior.

    A multiplayer online strategy game.

    • Myriad of options.
    • It requires to be online all the time.

    "Praise the brave on the arena"

    Know that 97 Mb of additional download are required before playing.

    Arenas is a multiplayer online strategy game. It's turn based on a grid board and has here and there RPG touches, namely, the experience system and that overall aura so characteristic of medieval fantasy environments. In this game you command your armies, as if you were playing a little lead soldier battle. You will only command your hero at first, but don't worry, there are a lot of races, spells, skills and attributes, not to mention items and stuff you'll find on your adventures. Fortunately, there's a tutorial to learn the basics and get up the rest of the party later. It goes without saying that here you have game for countless hours, more if developer keeps his promise of adding new places to go and new quests to undertake.

    Graphics and animations are plain yet adequate. Indeed, we're talking about an awesome game overall that can be enjoyed for a long time by any gamer who deserves that name. However, it may seem a clumsy game for casual players, and even though there are quite a few skills and options, it's too sober aesthetic approach will discourage those who prefer more classical nonsense timewasters. Likewise, some players would expect more spectacular battles and more control about them.

    This is the Arenas Trial of Valor free version. When you dare, you can upgrade to the paid and complete version.

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    Jul 17, 2012


    ** DroidGamers Review (PAID VERSION): ** :
    "This little gem of a game is described as an MMO turn-based strategy / RPG title. If you have every played any of the table top style of turn-based strategy games like Warhammer then you already have an idea of what is going on with Arenas Trail of Valor."

    ** AndroidZoom review: 4/5 **:
    Indeed, we're talking about an awesome game overall that can be enjoyed for a long time by any gamer who deserves that name.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: the game will download all graphical resources one installed, which is about 98meg. So it is not only 9meg, it is 9meg then 98meg at startup.

    Arenas is an ONLINE tactical fast MMO / RPG turn-based game SET in an unique and original heroic fantasy world.

    Get ready to challenge thousands of players and hundreds of monsters through the multiple game' s ARENAS, develop your skills and loot rare equipment in a fun and exciting experience !


    - a player versus player (pvp) and player versus environment (pve) complex fun combat and magic system.

    - 5 types of ARENAS: Single vs Monsters, One vs One, Group vs Group, Free for All, Group vs Monsters,

    - beautiful graphics and smooth 2d animations

    - ten fantasy playable races, ten towns with their different types of Arenas 's battlegrounds. (80 unique maps to fight in). * With the FREE version you have full access to 2 of the 10 gladiator Arenas. This is enough to build the ultimate avatar and participate to the Online PvP arenas

    - thousands of unique objects, new ones created on a regular basis!

    - More than 200 spells, including monster summons.

    - More than 50 creatures.

    - Many materials for your weapons and armors, skins,

    - upgradable jewelry items, runes, potions such as poisons that will allow you to build your ultimate character. Tons of equipment combos

    - Skins system to personalize your avatar

    - Integrated online rankings.

    the World of Arenas is centered around a mysterious red citadel where deadly games are organized. The free version gives you access to the first 2 campaigns. You will visit new places such as catacombs, etc


    Some devices doesn't support multitouch,
    if this is the case you can STILL ZOOM IN/OUT using one finger (hold on 2 sec one finger then move up/down to zoom in/out)

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