Battle Boats 3D

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    Battle Boats 3D's review

    Published: 2011-12-05, by Peter Warrior.

    A water tail chasing arena.

    • Campaign mode
    • Tilt control may be a little slow.

    "World Water War"

    Battle Boats is a tail chasing game between armed speedboats. In practice, it may remind you of somewhat a bumper car arena with torpedoes and missiles. It's set on a post apocalyptic scenario, which means that you'll find wreckage and rusty obstacles.

    There are three clans to choose among, the Kraken warlords, the lawful good Dolphin Republic and the rogue Sea Serpents. Every one has its own virtues and flaws and a compete campaign with attack and defense missions. Points you earn can be spent to upgrade plate, engine and weapons in the store, though that's something that shouldn't strike anyone so far. 3D polygonal graphics are adequate, though can lag non top notch devices even when we could ask for something better. Music is remarkable, it remembers 80s heavy metal and it's quite original.

    HeroCraft Ltd is a consolidated developer who has already released some hits on Android Market. Although it can't be considered a masterpiece, is quite interesting and fun and is sold for a reasonable price.

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    Dec 05, 2011


    “Battle Boats 3D” engages you in the bloody feud of three rival clans. This post-apocalyptic world has sunken almost entirely and the few remaining spots of land become a precious reward for the winner of this deadly skirmish between the fierce “Krakens”, cunning “Sea snakes” and noble “Dolphins”. Join one of them to gain your own patrol boat and start your military career.
    The gameplay in “Battle Boats 3D” balances between thrilling racing without rules and 3rd person shooter. All the action takes place in huge water arenas where you'll have to complete various missions and defeat the enemies from hostile clans. The money you earn from missions may be spent on new weapons and upgrades for your boat.
    “Battle Boats 3D” – choose your destiny in this world after doomsday!

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