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    Battle is very spectacular. Have you ever desired to drive a battle and shoot a bullet to your enemy? This may be a dream before, but today you not only can drive one battleship but also can drive many different battleships which come from four military power countries.

    Some of these battles in this game are from World War Two. These battles have great performance in the World War Two so they are famous. Do you want to feel their power and speed?

    The answer is yes, but you must know how to play this game before you drive a battleship.

    1. I have said that there are four military powers in this game, so you need to choose one country before you choose your battleship. The four military powers are Americas, Soviet Union, China and Britain. Choose the country you like or choose the battleship you like.

    2. After you choose one country, you have the right to choose one battleship. There are battleships from World War Two and the advanced battleships provided for you to choose.

    3. Now you have your own battleship. You must to know how to drive it and how to shoot a bullet. You need to move your mobile phone as quick as possible to let your mobile phone get acceleration. The system will give you an acceleration score and this score is the speed of your battle.

    4. The shoot way is very easy. You just press the volume up button and then the bullet will be shot. It sounds very easy but it is hard to get a high shoot score, because the shoot score is according to the stable degree. That is, when the acceleration is very quick, the more stable your mobile phone is, the higher score you can get. But it is not easy to let the mobile phone keep stable under a quick acceleration.

    5. if you still have question about the operation, you can click the TUTORIALS to get detailed information.

    6. The WEAPONS can tell you the history and other detailed information of battleships in this game, so if you are interested in battleship, you had better use it. I remind you that this function will connect the internet.

    7. If you would like to support this battle ship game, please give it five stars. I will be very happy to get any suggests of this game from you.

    Battleship Game is a battle game or a shooting game. It can let you get a relaxation and let you get some knowledge of these famous battleships of the four military powers. I hope this game can let you have a good time when you have nothing to do.

    I hope you can recommend this game to others so that more advice will send to me. This game will be better and better.

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