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    Welcome to the world of explosives! This game is all about searching and survival. In the first look, the game might feel like the classic bomberman game, but it is different in many ways. Firstly, you have to discover your way in each level, and secondly, you need to disarm bombs, which involves a simple puzzle. These however are not the only differences.

    Here is the story. Commander Rocksmasher is a former army general, but unfortunately he has been blinded by his power, and turned into a terrifying terrorist. He has gotten access to a large amount of C-13 explosives, with which he can wipe a whole city. He has taken advantage of a fusebox-driven bomb technology originally designed by Bomb Master Jay, to create a chain of bombs all around the city.

    As a member of the bomb squad, your mission is to find and disarm these bombs. But beware that each area is protected by armed soldiers. Some are easy to defeat, and some are well trained.

    Remember! Rocksmasher is not alone in this. Other most-wanted criminals are on his side including but not only Bomb Master Jay. You must pave your way through capturing the commander, and be sure you save the city.

    We highly recommend you to read the instructions carefully before starting. It helps you get familiar with the game controls and objectives.

    If you are unsure about buying the full version, you can try out the demo first. Although the wonders in the full version are tenfold, the demo version gives you a taste of the game. The new features in the premium version include:

    - No ads
    - Many more challenging levels which include more than ordinary enemies (including land mines, gas chambers, etc)
    - Encounter with "Doctor Reaper" which requires more skill than the other bosses.

    If you want to move your saved game from the demo version, have it installed for the first time you run the full version. If the game detects the demo version in the level selection screen, you will be asked if you want to copy your saved game. Once your saved game is copied, you can remove the demo version. Note that you will be asked only once.

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