Bouncing Hippos Pro

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    The survival of the Bouncing Hippos is at stake! Help the poor Hippos escape the Angry Crocodile by helping them bounce over a huge canyon with your jetpack-equipped penguin.

    With its simple-to-understand gameplay Bouncing Hippos lets you save Hippos from the first minute! Even though it's easy to understand the gameplay Bouncing Hippos offer challenging levels that really keeps you on your toes.

    Compare your skills with players around the globe using a scoreloop based global highscore. To succeed in Bouncing Hippos you will need a combination of Focus, Skill and Reflexes. Will you be number one?


    - Challenging physics based gameplay
    - 3 modes, Adventure, Survival and Arcade
    - 25 levels, each consisting of 10 waves
    - Scoreloop highscores to be able to compare yourself to friends and other Bouncing Hippos players
    - Settings which lets you configure movement controls, what audio to play and more
    - Cool music and sound effects
    - Supports android 1.6 and upwards
    - Supports everything from QVGA(320x240) displays to tablets
    - Can be played both casually to waste some time while waiting for the bus aswell as to beat the global survival highscore, where real skill shows!

    Can you beat level 25, even though the developers can not?

    Have you got any ideas that would fit into the game? Any bugs to report? Please tell us! We're happy to add new features and fix bugs as we notice them.

    The Settings window:
    In Bouncing Hippos we have a few custom settings that are supposed to help you have a user-friendly experience with our game!

    "Pause if not touched" - A checkbox that sets whether the game should pause if you don’t touch the screen, there’s also a slider to change after how long time the pause should occur.

    "Accelerated movement" - A checkbox that selects if you should use the "accelerated movement" feature or not. Accelerated movement makes the penguin move a longer distance with a smaller movement from your finger, can be useful if you have a large screen!

    "Sound FX" - a checkbox that tells the game if you want sound effects to be played or not.

    "Music" - Turns the music on or off.

    Good luck and have fun, hope you enjoy the game!