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    Captain of the Sea

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    This is a story of how I remember things whenI lived in the orphanage with my big brother. In order to stay alive, he had to accept the rewards from British Empire and find lost treasures in the sea, but he never came back. Three years later, I received a letter from him. There was nothing but a piece of a treasure map in the letter. What happened three years ago? Why he hasn't he come back? And what is this piece of the treasure map all he sent? With the worry and questions, I decided to sail myself and find him!

    ★★★ Features★★★
    ✓ Vivid snapshot,real-time simulation of dynamic sea implement
    ✓ Unique city background,different style villages design varies with culture.
    ✓ Free mode and level mode,abundant ways to play.
    ✓ Free economy, you can get most profit from marine trade.
    ✓ 99 items, 53 cities, abundant and multiple choices.
    ✓ Various kinds of cartoon characters, drowning persons, mermaids, to trigger the story.
    ✓ All kinds of ships on the sea, merchant ship, battle ship to trade and fight.
    ✓ Powerful combat system,experience the stimulation and pleasant of Turn-based combat.
    ✓ Recruit adjutants and sailors,make you strong and your trade smoothly.
    ✓ Making ships with high performance,improve the power & speed and viability...
    ✓ Upgrade the component,to be a strong team.
    ✓ Find relic by treasure map,what would you find? Trap,stone or treasure case?
    ✓ Screenshot and share your achievement to other players at any time.
    ✓ Upload all kinds of score and see where you stand on the globle ranking.

    How to play and some instruction; play today for more!!
    For now, we opened the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the game, and we'll open more seas later. We designed a massive but completely unknown world waiting for you to explore. You might encounter all kinds of events, and see geomorphic features of different latitude and longitude, or find beautiful cities with various architectural style. You'll experience the fun of sailing and exploration.

    Free economy system, every city has its own goods. You can sail among cities and make money by trading goods .In the trade, the price of the goods will change with the trading amount, and it also affect your profit. Every city has its own development degree, and you can invest in every city to boost the development. Then the city will supply more goods, and the price of goods will change too.

    There are plenty of treasures buried in the sea. You can get treasure maps by sea events, combat and complete the volume missions, then find the location of the mark on the map to explore the relic, which bring you into the treasure. We designed a intellectual game to let you think over how to get the treasure by escaping traps and bypassing the rocks.

    There are not only good sights and events but there are numerous Pirates hanging around too. You can choose to avoid them or beat them,to be a justicial hero. The pirates are strong or weak, you can get goods that drop off their ships or treasure maps as reward after exterminating them. It's half Turn-base battle mode, you can show your strategy and beat them all!

    ★Volume mission★
    We have a lot of volume missions in the game. There are trade, adventure and escort or combat volume missions. You can build your fleet and train your adjutant to challenge all kinds of missions in the volume. You'll earn score by complete the missions and go in for the ranking or get rare items as reward ,and you can also compare the score with other players to gain special reward.

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