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    This is a dedicated browser for playing Captain Tsubasa Mobage comfortably.

    The following is a typical feature.

    Shortcuts to various pages Ⅰ)

    Usually, but look for the link button tap and slide the page, at the bottom of the screen because it has a link to a page that frequently used, the mobile page is available immediately. I can play comfortably without having to move the page so you can slide in the page.
    ※ You can add and edit shortcuts.

    Fast read Ⅱ), high-speed operation

    It is designed to be read faster than normal browser page. In addition, the behavior and animation slides of the page, Flash moves smoothly because of the fast rendering speed.

    Ⅲ) multiscreen

    In a normal browser, but to play on one screen, comfortable different browser. For example, I am available for multi-processing, such as "buy in the shop while fighting with the boss", "advance the exploration while checking the status." With the initial installation is composed of two screens. Let flick left and right to the screen! Play comfortable waiting. You can change the number of screens.

    Ⅳ) Multi-account

    Has the ability to switch accounts. It is possible to record the account information, it is possible to quickly switch. Password information is encrypted and securely protected.
    You can play more comfortable by taking advantage of the comfort of the app browser auxiliary mirror is possible.

    Other Ⅴ)

    - Immobilization of screen rotation
    (The app is not implemented) by the widgets display information such as the strength
    · Simplification of operation by the macro function (under development)

    ■ Auxiliary browser apps comfortable

    "Account Manager" comfort
    Instead of registering your account information in various comfortable every browser, I will be able to centrally manage this app. You can now play on your account as soon as you install the new browser I can be comfortable.

    "Mirror browser comfort"
    And (re-login) is different from the switching account will be able to quickly switch the account. It is a mechanism that can be used shortcuts are duplicated from the browser by calling various comfortable.

    "Launcher comfortable"
    I am currently in development.
    It is an app for those who are comfortable series frequently used browser. I will be able to boot from a variety of comfortable this app browser.

    ■ About the ads

    I have published a free app, and then displays the ad at the top of the screen.
    Making the pay but we have gotten a number of requests without charge for advertising and is not thinking.

    ■ Notes

    Captain Tsubasa comfortable browser is nothing to do with the Mobage, it will be an unofficial app.
    Please do not use this application for purposes other than to play with Captain Tsubasa.
    Me about the various problems that may occur by using this app can not assume any responsibility.

    ■ application for authorization (permission)

    "Network Communications"
    Mobage gaming network communication is required.

    "Controlling the Hardware"
    It is required to use the vibration function on notification widget.

    It is necessary to take advantage of high-speed cache display and HTML5.

    ■ related words
    ※ I'm sorry to trouble you, but if contact We hope inappropriate word.

    ■ Developer Content Policy
    Illegal content are not included in this application.
    This application does not include the illegal content.

    Since it is a browser for Internet games, content browsing application is shown in the screenshot.
    Because the application is a browser for internet game, browsing the content is displayed in the screenshot.

    So as not to violate copyright, for the work of others have put a blur on the screen shot.
    I want no violation for copyright, and so other people's work is added blur in screenshot.

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