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    Chapayev is a strategic game played on a checkerboard, crazy popular throughout former USSR countries. The game is named after the Russian Civil War hero, Red Army commander Vasily Chapayev, who was a very brave and funny man with a great heart and extraordinary sense of humour.

    The aim is to knock all the opponent's pieces off the board while keeping as many yours as possible.

    Players deploy their troops in lines on opposite ends of the field. The first turn is chosen randomly. Turns are shown at the top of your screen. Touch a checker to choose, slide the arrow to aim and control the power of impact. You can cancel the shoot by simply sliding the arrow back to the chosen checker and touching another one – a better fit for a deadly stroke. Mind the physics and think strategically to push more enemy checkers off the field and defend your own ones, keeping as many of them as possible within the battlefield. You win the fight when all the enemies are kicked off the field. You win a battle now – but not the war! The winner starts the next fight of the battle level on the next line of the battlefield – closer to the enemy troops therefore having an advantage now. The level is won only after kicking the enemies off all the lines of the battlefield. Boast by publishing your best results directly onto your Facebook wall with just one touch! Tease your friends and challenge them to engage in the battle!

    Key features:

    - Authentic one-of-a-kind gameplay – just simply addictive;
    - Artistic sketched design with elements of woodcarving;
    - Replicas of antique machinery, ammunition and military outfit of the beginning of the XX century;
    - 20 different levels recreating the spirit of the REAL World War I battles overland, in the air and at sea;
    - Jimmie the Crazy Skull’s courageous troops being tons of fun;
    - Facebook one touch publishing;
    - Exclusive weaponry – each with manually drawn design and its own physics and gameplay style;
    - Surprising game twists and hidden obstacles requiring considered strategic campaign to win contrasting disarming simplicity of a gameplay.
    - New PASS AND PLAY feature! A nice way to fight vs your friend right here and right now! Just touch the crossed sabres button, enter your names and start fighting vs your friend.

    Chapayev Weaponry:

    - Infantry. Easily predictable and well controlled troops.
    - Heavies. They are heavier and slower than infantry. Their moves are limited to the lines number.
    - Light military units. (Bullets, runabouts etc). Lightweight, bouncy and difficult to control. Though hitting the further distances and giving you more scores if kept on the board.
    - Bombs. Explosive :). Beware of shrapnel!
    - Gas vessels. They’re little lighter than the infantry. After being knocked, let the gas out repulsing all the neighbor checkers with gas vapors.
    - Gas-masks. Infantry insensitive to the gas vessels’ vapor hits.

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