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    Chicks Revenge free – the best free tap tap game out there now available on Android.

    Guys and girls around the world , our favourite cute chick, Chick , is back and pretty angry in the hot sequel tap tap game - Chicks Revenge free. A top game from the iphone, join our tiny cute chick friend as he shoots his way through an infinity of piggies. Shoot and slice through them nasty piggies with your sweetcorn and blade, from the ninja piggies of the bamboo forests in ancient China, to the pretty moonlit beach coast, from the evil bad piggies in the hot depths of hell, go to the bottom of the ocean, and piggie aliens in outer space. Chicks is on his most hot adventure run yet in Chicks Revenge free. Download it now, great fun for girls and guys.

    Some online video reviews of chicks revenge:

    - "This app is a mix of angry birds and fruit ninja and a bunch of other hot apps this is a great free app get it as soon as possible for maximum enjoyment!!" – JailBreaksRUS (Android review on youtube)
    - "Fun app (PIGGY MURDERER) I give it a total of 5 stars!" – GhostHunter (iphone review on youtube)
    - "It's fun, it's great, one of the best free games I’ve played... I recommend it" – BSApproved (ipad review on youtube)

    Some player reviews of Chicks Revenge:

    "cute game hard, catching fruit is good fun, and blasting fat pigs haha" - Cul me #1 (iphone, August 16th 2012)
    "it looked lame, but i liked cobalt play games, so i got it... best decision ever!, better than angry birds" – xXX Cole1111 XXx (iphone, June 2nd 2012)
    "This is cool hot an amazing get it, really get it now" - Sillyfortrix (iPad, May 26th 2012)
    "Awesome and lots of fun for the entire family – girls and boys. Download it today, you won't be sorry." - Kenocat (iphone, August 26th 2012)

    How to play Chicks Revenge:

    So so easy to play. just tap tap tap like crazy. Tap everywhere on the screen to shoot chicks corn gun to blitz the piggies. Don't let the small girl piggies get past the bottom of the screen 3 times (4 times if you have the super man chick suit) or it's game over, similar rules as fruit ninja. Bigger piggies take a bit more to shoot and so tap tap like crazy when they show.
    Unlock 4 bad ass weapons to get you through the world including the star infinity blade, the ice freeze item, hot rocket launcher, rapid shoot gun, and the oh yes, the super man chick suit !!!! To use the weapons, just tap on the button in the top right of the game screen.

    To get a higher score boost, tap all the fruit after you shoot the piggies. Each fruit tap in higher levels gives you a bigger score, tap on all the fruit to get a super high score. Also, try not to miss any piggies when you shoot and you will build up your hit combo. Go for infinity and get the best score possible.


    - Loads of pretty world maps to get through.
    - 2 game modes (classic infinity levels and time sprint)
    - Tonnes of tasty fruit to catch for a score boost
    - 4 bad ass weapons to choose (hot rocket launcher, star infinity blade, ice freeze, rapid shoot gun)
    - A super man chicks suit, oh yes :D
    - Pretty art and cute music
    - Easy to play and fun for both girls and boys
    - Completely free to download

    Players who love quick fun games like bad piggies , cut the rope , where's my water , where's my perry , angry piggy and bunny shooter will love this game too.

    Check out the youtube game play video online here:

    Now go blitz them big piggies : )
    The Cobalt Play Games team

    Chicks Revenge free is also available on iPhone, ipod touch, and iPad. Also download Chicks first adventure game 'Go Chick Go' for free.

    Parental Notice: Chicks Revenge does not contain any nude scenes, graphic images, sex or porn related content. This game rated is E for ‘Everyone’. Safe for kids.

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