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    Published: 2013-04-10, by Peter Warrior.

    A CCG themed in a dark fantasy world

    • Amount of cards and quests
    • Usual flaws of the genre
    • Loadings everywhere

    "It's darker than it first looked like"

    Dark Abyss is a collectible card game in which you have to ally and defeat other dark summoners in a gloomy fantasy setting full of monsters and other creatures born from nightmares. Game starts with a spectacular intro and after logging in (either through Facebook or a regular email address) you dive into the tutorial to learn the basics of the game. You'll discover that this game is split into two main parts: dungeon exploring, little less than a series of tap to advance, tap to attack incoming enemies and tap to ally (or not) wandering players; and the card game itself, when cards are evolved, traded or discarded. To make things more varied, there are three main decks or factions, namely Despair, Sin and Rage with different cards.

    Whether you like the artwork or not, this game is quite gloomy, not only regarding its theme, but also because its user interface might be a little bit annoying if you aren't used to this kind of UIs. Animated battles are of animated GIF quality, indeed over average in comparison to other similar games (it may seem a contradiction, but it isn't).

    In the end, there's plenty of CC Games. This is a good choice, perhaps not the best for newcomers, but it's adequate.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Apr 10, 2013


    ◆Dark Abyss is a FREE to play card battle game with stunning 3D graphics. Delve into deep dungeons and fight hordes of zombies and monsters. Recruit defeated monsters and build your unique fighting force.

    -Control and evolve hundreds of unique demons
    -Join forces with other players in massive War efforts against the terrifying demon horde
    -Experience hauntingly beautiful artwork
    -Battle against other players for treasures that unlock powerful new demons
    -Get addicted to the simple yet engaging gameplay
    -Explore 3D dungeons for new demons and mysterious treasure

    ◆In Dark Abyss, you become allies with players across to world and work together to bring down powerful Demon foes. Fight together in violent War battles for amazing rewards. Share maps to dangerous dungeons to discover unbelievable treasure!

    ◆Tips from Pro Players
    -Clear dungeons quickly for extra rewards!
    -Assist in the War effort whenever you can to train and strengthen your demon army.
    -Share maps with Allies whenever possible.
    -Invite Allies of different characteristics to help bring down powerful Demon bosses!

    Only you can save Humankind…
    The innate energy that keeps the Human World balanced between Heaven and the lower realms has been destroyed, and the world has fallen into the Dark Abyss. The Humans are overwhelmed by Demonic forces and struggle on the brink of annihilation, and only you can save humanity!

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