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    Do you like playing Shooting Games but get tired of the always boring scene?
    Do you want to be the BEST shooter and PK with other players rather than only play games with yourself?
    Do you want to be a millionaire?
    And do you want to experience flying?
    You can get all of these as long as you play Darts Master!
    There are 4 completely different modes for you!

    "In this super-fast 3rd person darts game you will need to use all your skills to avoid obstacles and collect all the coins before you make a bullseye!" -
    "It is a fun game where it takes a steady hand to get a high score. In the game an arrow is shot and you need to guide it to the target. As you guide the arrow, you want to collect the coins in your path and then when you get to the target, try to hit the bullseye. Practice makes perfect!"—
    "Game developer's Rosemary has come up with quite an intuitive little piece of wonder with Darts Master. The game is relatively quite simple and easy to adapt. In it, you get to control the direction of a dart and in the process have to collect coins and avoid all the obstacles coming in the way before you finally hit the bulls-eye."

    Are you ready for challenge YOURSELF right now?
    Game Features—Various Game Modes:
    Easy mode allows you to collect the gold readily in the sky.
    Avoidance Mode asks you to prevent from hitting the shields in the battle-field and hit the "Enemy" target.
    Multi-ring Mode allows you to cross the ring obstacles consecutively in the Chinese Great Wall and hit the target finally.
    The most challengeable mode is "Bullseye Expert" mode, you need to control the arrow's orientation accurately in the virtual dark corridor in order to hit the bullseye.
    Additional wonderful modes are coming soon… Please just wait for it!

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