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    [Special Offer]
    Special gifts including 400 gold, 8 orcs and 2 dark elves, plus 2-10 items such as potions and resurrect stones will be given to players in intial gameplay!
    Start your game with a big lead!

    [Game Information]
    Become the Devil that was defeated 300 years ago and protect your dungeon from humans by placing monsters! A TD(Tower Defense) type game!
    To resurrect and gain back power, you will need to defeat the 7 heroes and unlock the seal.
    Build your own force and bury all those heroes!

    To win, protect the "Devil's Heart"(The Heart) that is mostly placed in the center of each map.
    Summon monsters in the magic circle on the map that will become units to stop humans from progressing.
    Use potions when your unit's vitality becomes low, and becareful not to cancel summons and get defeated.

    -Capturing humans and brain washing
    Enemies will be capturable when their vitality becomes half or below.
    The caputured units will be sent to a prison called Jail and can be controled as your own units.
    Human units have a high risk when they die, but will grow fast. It is up to you to use them wisely.

    When in defense, you may receive an item called Artifacts.
    There are 5 Artifacts for each of the 7 heroes.
    When you collect all 5, a decisive match with the hero collected will be held in a map called the Extra Wave.

    Offense is a command to send your units to other players.
    To enemies:Send units that will snatch artifacts you do not own.
    Support:Send units to support friends or players having trouble in hero matches.

    Application price:Free
    *In-APP purchases available

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