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    "Did you ever imagine a video game could make you great? Did you ever think you would hear yourself say to your kids "Go play this game?" Well, now you can and you will. The Word Pattern Puzzle World Free Android game by Sweet Cloud will help you put two and two together when you need to, and it will help you learn the critical thinking and pattern recognition skills that are necessary for success.

    The premise is simple enough. You have to connect items with like patters such as colors, numbers, and vowels. There are 9 patterns total, and it can be a challenge to find them all and get the highest score possible. With Swarm integration, getting your own best score is not even the major attraction. You can actually share scores on global leaderboards and play with others, meaning the game can get highly competitive also.

    Sounds fun, right? But how does this make you a better person? There are actually two ways this happens. First, by sharpening your critical thinking skills you will be able to spot a sneaky plan a mile away. But it goes further than that. If you let your friends play, you can help them develop strong pattern skills that may help them recognize how good habits, and bad ones, can form patterns in their lives that will follow them until the day they die. They can recognize a destructive pattern before they follow it and run in the other direction. It may be a stretch, but it could happen.

    One thing is for sure. Playing Word Pattern Puzzle World Free Android game by Sweet Cloud will definitely make you happier. Who is not happy when they are having a blast? And when you are happy, you are a better person, right? Install this free Android app to your Android device today and see what all the fuss is about!
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    Funny game for kids and adults - are you able to find patterns and connect items?

    Integrated with Swarm so you can share your scores with friends and play together!

    Connect two items which share the same pattern like color, vowels, number etc.

    In this version there are 9 different patters, check if you able to find them all and how many point you can get!

    Funny game for everybody - enjoy it.

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