Dodge it for Cash




    Dip, duck, and dive to survive and win cash! The simple, yet highly addictive game comes to Android! This is not your typical "Angry Birds" game or even "Fruit Ninja", instead you'll get to compete against players from all around the world to achieve the high score and win REAL MONEY

    So why would you want to ditch "Angry Birds" for "Dodge it for Cash"? Well, the highest score each month and year gets an AMAZING CASH PRIZE. So now playing "Words With Friends" just seems useless huh? "Dodge it for Cash" allows you to compete against the world AND win money!

    The game is simple, you are the neon green circle, your job is to avoid the red cash coins while you collect the green ones. Each time a green cash coin is collected, you get 5 seconds added to your score. But when you collide with a red cash coin, the game is over!

    So who is going to survive the longest? Compete against your friends, family, or people from around the world so YOU can win that cash prize each month!

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