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    Do you think to know DotA 2 Heros ? Test your knowledge of the heros DotA 2 today! Find out with this free & quick.

    Do you love DotA or DotA 2 ? Then you are about to play the most impressive DotA 2 heros quiz out there! Guess all hero characters of DotA 2. This quiz covers the full gambit of top 100 DotA 2 Heros.

    Features Include:
    - Free, Quick, Fun and Challenging
    - Have 3 Game Mode, Time Attack Mode, 3 Missed Mode and No Missed Mode
    - 3 Hints to help you
    - A High scoreboard you can see and sharing your score to Facebook
    - High Quality Pictures

    Enjoy with DotA 2 Heros Quiz App. Good Luck!



    This is an unofficial app. All Logos, Characters, Pictures and Anime shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations. This trivia game is for fun and knowledge.


    List of Heros DotA 2 -:

    Earthshaker, Sven, Tiny, Kunkka, Beastmaster, Dragon Knight, Clockwerk, Omniknight, Huskar, Alchemist, Brewmaster, Treant Protector, Io, Centaur Warrunner, Timbersaw, Bristleback, Tusk, Elder Titan, Axe, Pudge, Sand King, Slardar, Tidehunter, Skeleton King, Lifestealer, Night Stalker, Doom, Spirit Breaker, Lycanthrope, Chaos Knight, Undying, Magnus, Abaddon, Anti-Mage, Drow Ranger, Juggernaut, Mirana, Morphling, Phantom Lancer, Vengeful Spirit, Riki, Sniper, Templar Assassin, Luna, Bounty Hunter, Ursa, Gyrocopter, Lone Druid, Naga Siren, Troll Warlord, Bloodseeker, Shadow Fiend, Razor, Venomancer, Faceless Void, Phantom Assassin, Viper, Clinkz, Broodmother, Weaver, Spectre, Meepo, Nyx Assassin, Slark, Medusa, Crystal Maiden, Puck, Storm Spirit, Windrunner, Zeus, Lina, Shadow Shaman, Tinker, Nature's Prophet, Enchantress, Jakiro, Chen, Silencer, Ogre Magi, Rubick, Disruptor, Keeper of the Light, Skywrath Mage, Bane, Lich, Lion, Witch Doctor, Enigma, Necrolyte, Warlock, Queen of Pain, Death Prophet, Pugna, Dazzle, Leshrac, Dark Seer, Batrider, Ancient Apparition, Invoker, Outworld Devourer, Shadow Demon, Visage

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