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    DUNGEON QUEST's review

    Published: 2013-04-19, by Peter Warrior.

    A turn based dungeon exploring game

    • Great idea
    • Constant loadings everywhere and improvable UI
    • Needs constant connection to the Internet

    "This didn't happen when the Dungeon Master was in charge"

    Honestly, when you first run into Dungeon Quest you might expect something halfway a collectible card game and a dungeon crawler, and fortunately it isn't either. Dungeon Quest (hence its name) is similar to a HeroQuest game for mobile devices, a turn based game in which you have to explore dungeons to beat any dwellers and loot any treasure you find. As the board game, it works through a deck of event cards and RPG-like stats.

    However, what it looked so good sadly becomes something very disappointing. Artwork is very small and unenjoyable, game's constantly loading who knows what and depends on constant connection to the Internet to properly work. Last and definitively not least, the user interface is nothing less than a nightmare, reaching to a point where you are asked whether you are sure you want to start a quest.

    A great idea that would make happy to a lot of roleplayers, strategy and fantasy lovers, if it didn't come with these several serious flaws. Anyway, it's free, so as always it's all up to you.

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    Apr 19, 2013


    Dungeon Quest is a traditional Fantasy RPG.
    Pray your dice make the right rolls and delve deep in the Dungeon! Only 10% of players have beaten Dungeon Quest. Are you strong enough to join them?

    This game isn't for dreamers. Dreaming only of treasure and glory is a one way ticket to death...

    Each step sinks you deeper and deeper into darkness... Continuing will bring you to many treasures, and many more traps. Can you make it through alive?

    Note:This game requires a large amount of system memory and may not operate on devices with less than 512MB of RAM.

    ■Game Modes
    -Original Mode (free to play)
    -Quest Mode (train your character to clear Quests)
    -Event Mode (when an event is available)
    -Dungeon Mode

    (c)2013 Alga AB,Jakob Bonds, Arclight,Inc.Fantasy Flight Publishing,Inc. U.S.A. DungeonQuest is a trademark of Alga AB,all rights reserved.ALL artwork and graphics appearing in this game based on "DungeonQuest" produced by Fantasy Flight Publishing,Inc. U.S.A.
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