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    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ touched for lovers of the epic rescue. ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

    Fantastic large-scale "ELFIN" of the world!
    Yuno for obtaining a modification of lovers trapped in a journey and a plot of helpers

    Your heart to start beating the great adventure begins now!

    [Game Description]

    ▶ Vast universe based on double track and a thorough reversal!

    To save endangered Lovers biography of adventuring Yuno Green "ELFIN" is based on an extensive view of the world through a dense double tracks and reversed just like to see one novel can feel the emotion.

    ▶ Sunaebojeok to save lovers of goal sensitivity scenarios.

    ▶ Hitting the fast paced and thrilling

    Senhorita not move fast loading time and the cool of hitting, the action unfolds in brilliant skill that can not be found In other games "ELFIN" is a unique charm.
    The number of speed violations of the monsters that were not available at the existing mobile RPG is packed with exciting action.

    ▶ 500 species and 50 species of items of various skill

    Six kinds of parts which are separated by 500 species of various items and swords, bows, wand features three kinds of weapons utilizing the skills of 50 species as different from others can foster your own character.
    Games to help make it easier to proceed passive skill, with a strong attack and special effects active skill, and, the total number of attacks at a time monsuteoreul to Attack "ELFIN" Feel in the exciting homemade.

    ▶ Hidden dungeon and set items, try mode to enjoy a variety of distance ~

    [Main character introduction]

    ▶ Yuno
    "You're gonna save you!"
    Seria is trapped in an unknown reason and then modify the meaning of life lost, but
    With the help of auxiliary force, which can save Seria "ELFIN" for the existence of
    On a quest to find a different world, which is ...

    ▶ Seria
    "Please save me ~"
    Yuno's lover, Seria ..
    One day, for unknown reasons in modifying gathineunde ...

    ▶ Lina
    "Myoin Tribe repay the favor you got it!!"
    Curious rattle Myoin Tribe girl ..
    In the woods with the help of Yuno, Myoin Tribe in the tradition of
    In order to repay the grace to walk with Yuno.

    ▶ Kelly
    "Ask me anything!"
    Mobilized around the connections to gather information
    Intelligence Service of the superior part of the guild mercenaries.
    Walk from the village to meet rieoseu Yuno.

    ▶ Mari
    "ELFIN" unidentified traveler to collect!
    Use a variety of powerful magic.

    ▶ Hamilton (Hamilton)
    Mari tells the information to
    Youth who are accompanied by Lizardmen.

    ▶ Helper
    Dulreosseun cloak unidentified figures.

    All this emotion RPG "ELFIN" Meet in the ^^

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