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    The GhastyGhasto TNT DESTRUCTION is BIGGER, BETTER AND BADDER than Derpy Piggies, Tarred and Feathered in Angry Grannies poor weather nether regions.

    This is a 3 Level Demo of book 1 in Ghasty and Ghasto Adventures, and just because there is a Minecraft theme running rampant ***It’s not Minecraft*** Ghasty and Ghasto are ghasts or ghosts from the Nether, a realm of fiery hell filled with lava and sulfur deep beneath the skys above. Help these two fire spitting ghosts by manipulating game elements similar to other popular titles like Bad Piggies, Angry Birds, Angry Granny, Worms, to create a near unlimited number of ways to flick, fling, launch, spit, throw, toss, rocket, sneak, haunt, explode, destroy, smother, and obliterate every block in your path with a small hint of mortal combat humiliation to finish your opponents.

    Aside from utter block destruction and ability to challenge your opponents to Skele-Zombie break-dance battle beat-off’s, launching pigs into space, severe and sheer sheep shaping mini games, we aim to let you challenge your friends to several styles of castle assault matches. Real time frenzy attack mode on WiFi Lan connections, or turn based TNT message in a bottle mode similar to harsh words with friends, or draw something dirty. if you choose to accept this mission... your brain may self destruct and we will disavow any knowledge of your derp.

    Thank you for the most amazing sandbox tool ever. Minecraft is a product of Ghasty & Ghasto are characters born from the insanity of x8105, founder of ZombieChickenTaco, an indie game developer since 2008. We do not claim to be the original author of Minecraft. Any content added to this title is the intellectual property of Because we respect all of Mojangs work and effort to produce such a magnificent title, Please support us, and in the words of the block-masta Notch at If you like it, pay for it.
    Developing content to be compatible with as many devices as possible takes a lot of effort, any Minecraft elements of Ghasty & Ghasto are property of Mojang and may have been overlooked as temporary placeholders. AGAIN, We do not claim to be the original author of Minecraft, All content that is Mojangs belongs to Mojang, all other content within is the intellectual property of, THERE IS NO affiliation between us as we (ZCT) are acting solely on our own. So If you like it, pay for it. This one is Free, If you Don't like it, uninstall it, and tell the world how bad you think it is. Don't cry to us because you have no skill or your device cannot handle the RAW power of GHASTY GHASTO, We don't break for trolls... we run them over. It IS OK to let us know how it performs, your average FPS and or Block load times, so we can take 1 of 2 steps. Either remove your device from the list of supported devices, or keep making epic awesome sauce because you can devour all the meat we can offer to go forth slay these Trolls, Burn their villages, destroy their crap-shacks, plunder their stolen loot of the land, and drive them back through the server portal in which they came!
    Don't forget Emailing us at support (at) is still a legitimate contact option. Furthermore Like us on our Facebook Pages ZombieChickenTaco or GhastyGhasto and if you can't figure that out .... Yes there is a website too, a Youtube channel, ZombieChickenTaco and finally a twitter. @ZCTGAMES because there aren't enough characters for ZOMBIECHICKENTACO!! DAMN YOU TWITTER!!!!

    Thank you, From all of us at ZombieChickenTaco. BWAK! BWAK! BWAK! A CHICKEN IS A COCK, or is it a rooster? A Taco is a ...? ZCT

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