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    “Hang the rapist”
    Rape is one of the most horrible crimes that exist, unfortunately, we can’t and must not kill the monsters responsible for these acts, but at least we can imagine, or pretend.
    The delict itself is already terrible, but the pain that fells over the victim, it’s in a whole different level, it’s not only the body, the psychological damage is so big that takes years to heal.
    It might be just a game, but a good way to release the frustration and disability against those parasites that are poisoning our world and making more and more victims.
    The game play involves three levels easy, medium and hard.
    In easy mode the culprit or the zombie alike man keeps standing on a fixed position and the hanger keeps on moving. You need to press the geen button to hang the man. The timer keeps on decreasing if you successfully hang the man or the zombie alike you get 3 seconds and and your score increases. Your score decreases by 100 points for every miss.
    In medium play, the man and the hanger both move howeve the speed of the man moving is slow.
    In Hard gameplay both man and the hanger moves and at a higher speed making it difficult to hang the man.
    Hang the rapist has options to switch on and off the sound option. You can share this app on social mendia like facebook or twitter with all the people who want to sheel out their anger.
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    You have three levels to do it, easy, medium and hard, do it how many times you want, be angry, have the highest score, just hang the rapist and hang the man !

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