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    Happy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle game. The only goal of this game is to reach the exit. Choose a vehicle (bike, two-wheeler or wheelchair) and try to find a way to the exit, alive! Happy Wheels - Amusement or Torture? Control your wheeled vehicle, Happy Wheels is one of the best games online. Whether your obease Jill cruising in her mobility scooter, or elderly Eugene in his jet powerd electric wheelchair, maybe you will choose Trent on his Segway? whatever you do, buckel up because you are sure going to have a blast!! A very graphic blood and gore styled physics game where you only have one thing on your mind... and that's to find the exit! Choose your vehicle from a bike, two wheeler or wheel chair and get yourself to safety! There is also a new feature of the game called Happy Wheels Level Editor which allows you guys to create your very own levels for this game which can then be played and recorded and sent into the original developers and be shown to the rest of the world so you can be a original as you want to be and with this, the game never gets repetitive or boring!

    Players Using bike, bicyle, stunt bike, motorbike, wheel chair

    Happy Wheels offers a variety of characters to choose from; including:

    Wheelchair Guy
    The character is portrayed as an stereotypical homeless old man in a wheelchair. The wheelchair has a gas/nuclear powered jet engine attached to it and when activated, it gives the player an unlimited turbo boost. He also appears in Divine Intervention, another game by Bonacci.

    Segway Guy
    Segway Guy is portrayed as a businessman on a Segway with an ability to jump. Segway Guy has weak legs which may break off if the player hits the ground too hard. He is also the heaviest non-obese character. His voice is used for Lawnmower Man, Explorer Guy, and the man of the Moped Couple.

    Irresponsible Dad
    A moustached man, portrayed as a father in his mid-to-late 30's who rides a bicycle with his young son in a child's seat in back. His son is left without anyprotective gear, hence the father's name, although the father himself does sport a helmet. The Irresponsible Dad also shares a unique ability with the Moped Couple that allows the father and son to be launched off the bike independently of one another. If the child dies while the father remains alive, he'll shout "Damn it!" in a considerably calm tone. His son is sometimes called Timmy or Jimmy.

    Effective Shopper
    This character is portrayed as an obese woman who rides in a motorized shopping cart with a basket filled with food items. This character can also jump by pressing the space bar. She is one of the heaviest characters.

    Moped Couple
    Based on Audrey Tautou's and Mathieu Kassovitz's characters in Amélie, the character is portrayed as a man who rides a moped and his presumed girlfriendriding pillion behind him. When the space bar is pressed and held, the player is given a temporary turbo boost that will regenerate within a few seconds.

    Lawnmower Man
    An obese black man who rides a green riding-mower, resembling a John Deere. When running over other characters or fruit, the mower shreds the other characters/fruit and can slowly pull them in, however it cannot cut grass. Lawnmower Man also has the ability to jump.

    Explorer Guy
    An Indiana Jones-esque character riding a mine cart. With the addition of this character the character developer, Jason Schymick added a new environment element to the game; a railing, in which when Explorer Guy is in contact with the rails, he can lock his minecart's wheels to the rail and ride it.

    Santa Claus
    For the Christmas season of 2011, Jim decided to add Santa Claus to his characters. Although similar to common depictions of Santa Claus, his sleigh is pulled by elves rather than reindeer. The player can still control the sleigh even if the elf companions are dead, but not if Santa is dead himself.

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