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    Published: 2013-06-27, by Peter Warrior.

    An online strategy game

    • Throughout tutorial
    • Pleasant UI
    • Little device compatibility
    • It might get boring too quickly
    • Requires constant connection to the Internet

    "This will be a day long remembered"

    Ok, so it's the 470th century and mankind has colonized all the known galaxy, atomized in a zillion of minuscule factions struggling over resources and border limits. You are the chief sovereign (a little prince, perhaps) of your tiny round planet and have to raise a galactic empire from scratch.

    In order to do so, you must trade with other wanna-be empires nearby, and ally with or go to war against them. You have to raise your structures' level through a combination of time and resources, and build up a fleet able to defend your planet and colonies and bomb enemies' as well.

    Unfortunately, the game requires constant connection to the Internet, being unable to save your moves and send them when you're next to wifi or more favorable conditions. Likewise, there may me thousands of players, but there isn't as much interaction between them as you would expect.

    Long story short is a good online strategy game, but not much better than many browser-based games we are so used to.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 27, 2013


    Play INFINITE VOID, a brand new sci-fi strategy game. Start out surveying just a backwater planet – use trade, diplomacy and war to build up a vast empire!

    • Learn how to rule in the tutorial quests
    • Forge your planet into a strong economic power
    • Create sophisticated infrastructure able to build mighty fleets
    • Conquer and loot neighboring planets
    • Research futuristic technologies, build superior ships
    • Play with thousands of players on a vast galaxy map

    The year is 47,000. Humanity has spread to the stars. A vast human empire, the United Star Systems, now controls a big chunk of the known galaxy. But on the fringes of human space, rebellion is on the rise. Local rulers declare their worlds independent and attack neighboring loyalist planets. Many different factions emerge, who form loose and shifting alliances and seek to carve small empires out of USS dominions.
    It is a time of opportunity and new frontiers. You are the sovereign of a small planet and have just decided to leave the USS. You are willing to bet your people’s future on the chance to grow from a backwater nation into an empire. The tools in your arsenal are the same that have been used for thousands of years: trade, diplomacy and war.

    ***** Note *****
    This game offers in-app purchases and requires an internet connection to play.

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