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    Evil Zombies are invading the city, while the hero Rick got a mask with ancient energy to save his wife and son, but the mask also has evil power to wake up.
    There are four possible endings, depending on if you save his wife and son, save one or the other, or fail to save them both. All endings start out with the Mask saying he'll continue to exist as long as there's human suffering, and as he shatters, it says how the sky has cleared, and that evil has once again been banished.

    The endings are as follow.
    Bad Ending: If Rick fails to save both his wife and child, the ending goes as usual, but it states that Rick "stands alone, the weight of failure hanging heavily on him". It then shows a picture of him and his family, with the words "Alone... All alone."
    His wife Dies: If Rick fails to save her, but rescues his son, it shows the ending as normal, but that she "exists only as a memory". It then shows son asking his dad where his mother is, and fades after that.
    His Son Dies: If Wife is rescued, but Son dies, the ending goes on as usual, but with Son "being only a memory". Wife then asks Rick where Son is, and after being told, she cries out "no".
    Good Ending: Should both survive, the ending is different. Apart from a more pleasant tune, the mask's dialog changes. Instead of saying that he'll survive, he cries out "Can't see... can't hear... I'm dying...!!" before shattering. It continues as normal, saying Rick returns to his family, finally free of The Terror Mask.
    1. six different levels, Players are given a map of each level.
    2. A timer has been introduced to the gameplay. Each level must be cleared in a certain amount of time. Although this does not affect gameplay, running out of time results in changes in the plot, creating four possible endings. By running out of time, for example, Wife will be killed in the
    second level.
    3.You can get a Powerful weapon called Power Meter, which can be filled by collecting Orbs found throughout levels and occasionally dropped by defeated enemies. Once full, the player can transform Rick into a hulking and more monstrous version of himself with the Terror Mask being seemingly fused to his head. In this state, Rick is significantly stronger and can execute a special attack that involves pieces of his flesh extending from his chest area and acting as a weapon, injuring any monster in the vicinity of their reach.
    4.Extra lives and health items are also scattered throughout the levels. Passwords are also given to players to return to levels.
    5. Rick is able to pick up weapons to use against the monsters.
    6. Once you defeat all the monsters in the room an in-game map appears to give you some choice in how you get to the end of each level.

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