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    * Bankers Ville: Kill the zombie bankers is an action game (tower defense type) where you have to fight and kill zombie bankers.
    * Look no further! It's a FREE game.
    * You can use multiple weapons: laser, gun, paralyzers... hours of fun fighting!
    * Survive to zombie bankers attack, protect your house. It's a tower defense type game.
    * Is a financial crisis, not your crisis! It's time to fight & revenge.


    First they (capitalist) took everything and now they want more… Not this time, now it's time to action & revenge! Defend your last remaining refuge, keep the zombie bankers off your turf... and kick some serious butt! It's the war! Fight and kill the enemies. Enjoy fighting capitalism and revenge yourself!

    A global crisis has been raging. Society has divided. The small powerful capitalist make every effort to preserve their lifestyles while the rest of us are left to sink in the rising mire and fight for survival, like rats in the sewer... but we aren't dead.

    Get ready to join in with some epic banker bashing in this dystopian, dog eat dog world. Use every trick in the book to defend your turf (tower defense) against the 'leets and their bootlicking minions - FEDS, Goons, Bankers, Bounty Hunters, 5-O and their worst, the repo men. Employ all weapons at your disposal - Traps, rock, Molotov balloons, lasers, paralyzers, guns, anything… just keep them away from your trailer to survive. We aren't dead and we can survive. War begins... crisis ends.

    Your key weapon is your finger to keep the 'leets at bay, so make sure it's is good'n'ready. Collect as many stars as you can while you’re mashing'em up to earn rewards and use them to improve your defences. If you can defend you tower, you're dead.

    Don't expect a second's respite and keep a sharp eye out for new weapons and tools, especially the caches. Trust us, you'll need every one of them. We aren't dead and we can survive.

    If things are going badly, you can always cash-in your rewards and upgrade your ordnance with extra goodies like the nitro-pop or grand piano to give yourself some breathing space….
    Now enjoy unleashing hell and wreak carnage and mayhem on the capitalist scum who got us into this mess!

    HOURS OF ENJOYMENT, GAMEPLAY AND THE PERFECT RELEASE TO ALL THAT PENT UP FRUSTRATION! - Choose from more than 30 cities and fight your way through 100s of scenarios as your work your way through the levels. Discover just how many ways you can annihilate the blood sucking elite. Want payback, get social. Hours of fun fighting capitalism and Occupy Wall Street.

    INTRODUCING ‘STRESS RELIEVING’ GAMEPLAY MECHANICS - Better than a stress ball and way more entertaining!

    LEVEL UP YOUR WEAPONS - The more you play, the more stars you earn, the stronger the power-ups. It's a tower defense war game!

    FREE UPDATES - This is only the beginning…… the revenge has no limit.

    International charities have been left to deal with the aftermath of banking crisis, caring for the dispossessed who had no part in it's making. La Factoria d'Imatges s.l. are committed to helping them with a share of the profits earned from Kill the zombie bankers.

    A action game with a lot of guns: Traps, rock, laser guns, Molotov balloons, lasers, paralyzers, guns, anything , fighting against bank, bankers and capitalism to protect your house from the banking crisis, you can play diferent levels. Inspired in Occupy Wall Street.

    Bankers Ville: Kill the zombie bankers is an action war game (tower defense type) where you have to fight and kill zombie bankers.

    We aren't dead and we can survive. War begins... crisis ends. Occupy Wall Street.

    Download now, it's a free action tower defense game! Hours of fun fighting capitalism and Occupy Wall Street

    Keywords: Occupy, Wall, Street, banking, zombies, crisis, vendetta.

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