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    Published: 2012-02-17, by .

    King Fighter II is an arcade game that reminds Street of Rage

    • Classic arcade graphics & gameplay
    • Graphical bugs
    • Intrusive dialogues
    • Laggy

    "We meant classic"

    We like classic games. We aren't obsessed with graphics since we give more importance to high playability and how we feel when we play them. However, King Fighter II, although it's inspired on classic arcade games like Street of Rage, it's far away from reaching its minimum standards of quality and playability.

    The gameplay is basic: a great fighter has come to fight felony and robbery in the streets of the city. He will have to advanced through levels beating enemies, leveling up and grabbing items that he will need to complete missions. The premise is good, however, it has some important catches.

    First off, a plot is necessary but the dialogues with NPC is too intrusive for an arcade action game. What's more, graphically there are some bugs and we're not talking about 2D graphics (we liked them) but objects that appear and disappear and this kind of issues. We've also noticed lag which is rare in this kind of games since don't need too many resources.

    In a nutshell: the premise is good, the idea of bringing to Android classic gameplay too. However, the details matter and it seems they've been forgotten in this game. We hope the developer will focus on this issues and we'll be pleasant to better rate it.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Feb 17, 2012


    Thinking of old arcade gaming days? Looking for a classic beat 'em up Android game that makes your heart tremble and your blood burn? Look no further than King Fighter Ⅱ, the one-of-a-kind exciting street fight game!

    The street is a place of darkness and blood. Criminals come from nowhere! You have no other choice but to defend, fight and kill! This is the rule of the street. As a Mysterious Orient Meridian, you’re tough, and utterly fearless! Beat ‘em up and be the King of Kongfu!

    King Fighter Ⅱ is the 2nd amazing game developed by LETANG, INC only after King Pirate (200,000 downloads in the first month!). You’re sure to like it if you’re a fan of Chinese Kongfu!

    "Exciting Street Fight Game Drag You in Blood & Darkness" -

    How to play:
    -Use red bottle of drugs to replenish life and yellow bottle of drugs of replenish energy
    -Enter menu to set special skills and release skills if necessary
    -Obtain money, pills, gloves and etc. after defeating enemies
    -Advance your equipment in the main menu
    -Exchange stuff in stores and save your game data at the Check Point

    1)Exciting and fierce fighting scenes. You’ll experience battles on moving train, inside subway carriages, abandoned railway and more dangerous arenas.
    2)Intriguing story lines and deeply addictive plot. Jackie, a spy of the police station, has caught all the criminals except God-father in the past 6 years. Now he is on his way to Liya Island to destroy criminal group there.
    3)Up to 10 special skills available. The consumption of physical strength and damage done vary according to the type of skill.
    4)Old fashion design and personalized settings. It will remind you of the old arcade gaming days and some classic beat 'em up video games like Double Dragon.

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