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    This is a demo version of our game Knighturn.

    Customer reviews full version:

    "This game is a must for SRPG fans on the go. Its fun to level-up your characters with many scenarios to try out.." (RPG)

    "Perhaps the best strategy game on the iphone. Knighturn has depth rarely found on a phone game... from entertaining story, interesting characters, varing abilities, and a nice stategic twist." (RPG)

    "If you like Fire Emblem or any TBS games then just buy Knighturn; I promise you wont regret it." (RPG)

    " ... there's really no difference between the experience this app is providing and a $40-$50 console or handheld strategy game." (RPG)

    "The big variety of unit types allows for some serious strategy. The way reinforcements work is unique and very cool." (RPG)

    "Don't be put off by the graphics because this is a cracking little game. Have been playing this for days now and I've still got tons of missions to do." (RPG)

    Game play:

    Knighturn is a turn-based fantasy strategy game comprising:

    * 35+ hours of addictive and challenging game play

    * Intrigues, conspiracy and romance in a compelling medieval fantasy story

    * Over 55 scenarios in 4 different landscape settings (Swamp, Forest, Dungeon, Town)

    * 42 character classes like Death Knight, Necromancer, Heretic, Champion, Vampire, Bat Rider, Knight, Archer, Mage, Paladin, Assassin, Warrior, Giant, Witch, ...

    * 58 character skills like 'Heal', 'Lightning Bolt', 'Living Bomb', 'Stealth Strike', 'Inferno', 'Assassinate', 'Whirlwind', 'Raise Undead', 'Drain Life', 'Blood Bolt', 'Firestorm', 'Spin Attack', 'Arrow Hail', ...

    * More than 500 different items that can be equipped (weapons, armor, amulets, rings)

    * Battle drops, treasure chests, and scenario rewards

    * Conquer enemy outposts and face a challenging Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the opponents

    * Build up an army which is carried over from scenario to scenario

    * Characters can level up to level 16

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