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    Published: 2012-01-17, by Peter Warrior.

    A devilish physics game.

    • Great physics game
    • Lots of levels.
    • It may become too difficult

    "Where may I leave it?"

    Let's go straight to the point. Kona's Crater is both an awesome physics game and a difficult physics game. You have to carry a bulky box from point A to where your boss, a not much talkative mudman shaman awaits you. In order to do so, you control a two engine platform with suicidal intentions. To control that platform you can tap on the left of the screen to activate the left engine, the right to do the same with the other one or both to fly upwards. Yes, it's as easy as it seems. If you don't tap on anywhere, it will fall as gravity commands. If you have ever played to that oldie arcade game of landing on the moon we're sure you've understood it at the first attempt.

    Graphics are above average in this kind of physics games and sounds an adequate ethnic music to cheer everything up, but don't worry about it either way: after a few minutes playing you won't be able to see either the graphics or listen to the music. Game's so tricky, so difficult and so wicked that you'll have all your five senses on it, unless you have chickened out and uninstalled it.

    Last update added an option to choose between beginner or expert controls, which is anything but a trap for noobs. If you use to use the noob controls, the advanced levels will be too rough. Luckily, one of the most interesting virtues of this game is that "replay" button does its job in less than a fraction of a second. Useful when you realize that a the third second of playing a level you use to know if you're going to score a new record or if it isn't worth of trying to arrive to the goal. By the way, records that can be shared via Openfeint.

    In conclusion, love it or love it too much (a previous step to hate it indeed), but give it a try. If you can downloaded it when it's still for free, don't think twice. If you have to pay a buck or two for it, don't think it twice either. And if you think that birds and pigs should sign a treaty at last and you're ready for higher goals, then Kona's Crate will be your new best friend.

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