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    Land Air Sea War

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    A full-scale war with your Android!

    Let's join in this pitched war!

    Land Air Sea War is a realistic simulator with shooting and battle experience.

    Faced with a full-scale war, the country will have to demand the army, navy, and air force combine actions. As a soldier, your important job is to defend the territory of your country.

    Let's prevent enemy attack!


    1. There are three types of war for you to choose.

    Whether you want to be a army, navy or air force soldier, they are all available to you.

    2. It's your call to choose your country you want to protect.

    3. Then it's a big surprise.

    You can have the right to select one weapon you like.

    4. Are you be eager to have a try?

    Take your time!

    5. You can get information about your love and your score.

    6. Before your enjoying, you had better read tutorials.

    7. Try your best to wave your mobile phone to get the maximum acceleration in longitudinal direction.

    When your mobile phone reaches the maximum acceleration, you need press the reducing volume key quickly.

    The quicker the acceleration is and the slower the other direction's acceleration is, the higher your score is!

    8. Try your best to keep your mobile phone stable to press the volume up key.

    When you press that key, the more stable your phone is, the higher score you will get!

    9. In your war field, you have to wave your phone in longitudinal direction as fast as possible and then press the reducing volume key. It only sustain several seconds.

    10. Then you can press the volume up key to shoot the enemy.

    Remember to keep stable of your mobile.

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