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    Mass Effect like I said conquered all those titles and we, the gamers would be surprised not to see that happening. You see this game is EPIC literally and metaphorically! It concentrates all those features that makes you want to stay in front of your screen for hours and hours! Seriously you do not want to stop playing for no reason. You just want to discover what is there for you hidden in every corner,building or even planet.

    The game takes place in a vast environment, part real part fictional, in the galaxy where our solar system exists. Incredible discoveries have been made that allowed us to progress not as nations but as a united planet. Well that is an original idea and part of the fictional part because as long as profit is in the way this planet will never be united. Anyway, so on a mission on Mars we've made the discovery of all times. And that was forgotten alien technology. That technology allowed us to to use it as guide and make even greater breakthroughs.

    Space travel becomes reality, planet colonisation, planet terraforming even discovery of other alien races. And from there the game continues to develop even more and more.

    So what makes Mass Effect awesome? Apart from what I have already told you? That is tough cause I will have to write a 1000 word article and even then that wouldn't be enough so I will try to keep it short.

    One of the biggest if not the only one for some people, advantage that made Mass Effect one of the greatest games of all times is its Scenario. Yes its scenario. Long gone the days that you only needed a few little monsters and a gun and boom here is your game. The competition is fierce and intense and if you want your game to succeed you need a deep real deep story. And I have to tell you the script writers of the game did a fantastic and memorable job. The basic idea of the story is pretty simple and we have seen it before. You have a mister nobody or a hero, because at the beginning you can even choose the background of your character, and all of a sudden something wrong happens and he has to save the world. It's a basic idea and almost every action or rpg game has used it and will use it in the future. BUT the great thing is how you develop the story. What elements and events you will add to make the story worthy to be in the top of the ladder. Capable to make the player to play for hours and hours and make him forget about basic needs like food,water,sleep,hygiene and things like that. How you will make him scream with excitement and make his heart bit echo in his whole body. And that was the talent of the script writers.

    The graphics is another memorable part of the game. And you really need a good gaming machine to unveil the glory of this incredible game. Breathtaking floating space stations or better small moons, galaxies, stars, spaceships, special gun effects or you name it. You will never forget any of those.

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