Masters of the Arena (Demo)

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    Masters of the Arena (Demo)

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    Masters of the Arena (Mota) is a retro-styled, fantasy, tactical combat arena where players assemble the perfect team and compete against hordes of enemies in engaging, yet moderately paced strategic arenas.

    Gather your party from various regions of the land by winning the favor of twelve factions. Then compete in the arenas for high scores and prizes against all manner of pixelated animals, warriors, wizards, demons, and yes... of course... even zombies.

    NOTE: This is the free demo version of Mota, and as such, lacks some features that are only playable in the full version; namely eight of the classes, their items, and story arenas.


    - a dozen classes to strategically build your party (four in the demo)
    - scores of items to further customize your characters
    - four different arena modes to test your mettle
    - buy it, own it; none of that "pay-as-you-play"

    ~ Windows ~

    Want to play Mota on your Windows PC? Head over to IndieDB and download the demo.

    Please feel free to send any and all feedback, as we truly want Mota to be the most enjoyable experience it can be. We've worked really hard on this game and would love to see it develop a wonderful community. Thanks for all of your support! <3