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    Published: 2014-01-20, by Peter Warrior.

    Be the gunner of a giant robot in a gunfire to death

    • Online battles
    • Easy, very easy to learn
    • Free to play
    • It should have more options and controls and stuff
    • A co-op mode or a storyline would be great

    "The art of mechfare"

    Mechs Warfare is a sort of futuristic FPS that lets you take control of a huge robot and shoot down other mechs in a life or junk or scrap to death battle. There's no physical contact between the adversaries, and everything is solved by lead, much lead. You can't either really control your mech, because it'll be the AI who will drive it, nobody knows if in order to avoid enemy bursts or make you hard to aim.

    Therefore, your mission will be to make the crosshair be on your foe, do so by tilting your device; and shoot tapping the left or the right half of the screen to open fire with your left or right arm-arm (strictly, there's an arm mounted in your arm, you have no hands but massive machine guns)

    You have to worry not about ammo, but if your weapons overheat you'll have to survive a cooldown time. You have to wait, sometimes as much as twenty seconds, at the start of every combat to let the server sync you and your rival. Money is dealt through the usual dual currency system.

    Mechs are customizable, but as you're inside the cockpit you never get to see your own mech into action. Armor and weapons are upgradeable, and there are some different mechs to be bought.

    In the end, it's a fun yet simple game, whose better virtue is that you start playing online against other players since the very beginning. Technical performance is what you would expect, without unnecessary overdoing but allowing smooth online battles.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 20, 2014


    Become the greatest mercenary! Mechs Warfare is the world of merciless mech-warriors.
    Upgrade your machine, equip it with powerful weaponry, take part in real-time fights with thousands of other players struggling to become the greatest pilots of all time.

    - Stunning and vivid graphics
    - Easy controls
    - Customizable War Robots
    - Tons of different weapons
    - Astounding power-ups
    - High-quality premium content
    - Leaderboard and duels for PvP challenges
    - Original soundtrack and 3D sound effects

    Mechs Warfare offers you gripping mech battles armed with top-notch weaponry.
    Use machine guns, large-caliber cannons and ground shaking rocket launchers, plan you battle and gear up with unique equipment.

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