Mega Ninja Run

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    Mega Ninja Run

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    Prove yourself as a ninja master! Use your powers to jump, fly
    Our hero Ninja is very strong and clever!
    Cool action platformer with cute and bright presentation.

    He can run, jump and fly! Hero Ninja Runner can destroy everything on his way! Play and you will see that! It's really exciting !

    Tempo Run has 3 difficulty age group!( Easy, Normal and Hard) Otherwise for every body!

    What you see in Mega Ninja Run is very fun, dangerous and action! Mega Ninja Run is one of the best jumping games!You can destroy everything on your way!

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    ★ In this game you must catch the hearts! There are two differant color hearts, Red Heart and Golden Heart that prevents you to die!

    When you catch Golden Heart You can run faster thant light :) It's really exciting ! You will see!

    It's time for Mega Ninja Run ! This time playing a completely different game in App Store! In this game you play the role of a hero! Hero Ninja Runner!

    The terrain is very carefully designed and it makes the game more enjoy.

    ★ Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends
    ★ Incredibly fun, Once you pop,you can't stop!, endless game play!

    Have great fun gamers ;)

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