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    Modern Defense has the addicting concept of a tower defense game but requires the user to have complete control over their strategy and planning to beat all 100 waves. You have to stop the enemies from crossing the field by placing your towers and planning ahead. You have one basic tower to place, but with 32 possible upgrades for each tower and even more upgrades possible with unlockables, you will have ultimate control over exactly what you want your towers to do.

    Free Version Features:

    - One Tower - Start with a basic tower and upgrade each one specifically to how you want to play.

    - Tower upgrades include slow enemies, air attack, fire damage, splash damage, and the ability to block air enemies from flying over your towers

    - One map

    - Five difficulty levels

    - Stats screen with ranking system for each stat

    - Save your progress at any point in a game

    - Help screens for users to quickly learn the game

    Full Version Features:

    - All of the above

    - Multiple maps available for play - Maps with a set enemy path and open maps where enemies find the shortest path across the map

    - 11 Unlockables to be earned by completing tasks in game

    - Unlockables include more tower upgrades, easter-eggs, a new map, and more

    - Permanent upgrades for towers can be bought with points earned in game to help beat higher difficulties

    - Infinite difficulty levels

    Future updates (Only available for full version):

    - Ability to create custom maps

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