[Monster Defense]Bugs Wars 3D




    Defense the end of the earth from evil bug aliens attack!
    # Splendid 3D Graphics over limited smartphone!#
    Smooth moving and detailed portraits. You can see tiny thing of action from aliens and people.
    # Mind – blowing action and majestic sound
    Simple! But speed and delicate control!
    Listen carefully when
    # 15 of main weapons and various instance items! #
    Main weapons are from electric shock to nuclear bomb!
    Real – time supported instance items and equipment for people.

    # Breathtaking attack from aliens wave! #
    Do not tired of invasion from aliens!
    A giant boss may be intelligence more than you think!
    Please defense human from wave of aliens!

    Game Tip
    In case, you shot human, they are yelling at you! Be careful of that!
    Challenge Veteran Level when you all cleared Rookie Level
    Challenge mode will open after clearing 5stage!
    If you feel the game is difficult, Using instance item!
    What the doctor said is very important! But’s just nothing…

    * Caution! Don’t be careless! Just aliens are cute! *

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