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    【New feeling !Drop coinRPG】
    The strongest Tima is aimed at and it is to the trip of an adventure.

    The new system which carries out a battle by coin dropping which everyone knows.
    Beat the monster lurking in a dungeon by coin dropping.
    With no charming a coin game lover or RPG lover mistake.

    【Game introduction】
    <It fights by coin dropping>
    The coin which fell when coin was placed by the tap fought
    by coin dropping and coin fell from the coin stand attacks as it is.
    Coin is dropped in large quantities and it is super-must killing.!
    "Enemies are beaten all at once with a jackpot. !"

    <The monster of rich individuality>
    200 or more kinds of monsters and Combination is free at variegated skill.
    I will get a monster by recall to capture!
    Its strongest party can be made by the chosen monster!!

    <It is a battle to the people in the world, and an adventure>
    A dungeon is challenged together with the person in the world.
    "Any dungeons are capture together with a friend. !"
    "The user and earnest battle of others a battle ! "
    Much Friend is made and it is one clue.
    Monsters coin will all be played!

    "【Hardware requirement】"
    Android API 6 Above
    ※This application can play either on-line or off-line.
    (At the play in off-line, a function is restricted in part.)

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    ◇◆SAT-BOX application◆◇
    Penn grip Series
    A total of 500,000 DL(s) breakthrough

    Galaxylaser Series
    A total of 300,000 DL(s) breakthrough

    Dark Knight story Series
    A total of 100,000 DL(s) breakthrough

    The others mind series large number!
    A total of 3,000,000 DL(s) breakthrough of an application!

    The inquiry about this application asks you for transmission by the following mail.

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