N Battle





    Catch 1 Million Baht with your mobile phone.

    Netbank gives you real excitement and a chance to win 1 Million Baht. Use your mobile phone to catch a N Ball in Bangkok area. Just register and play.

    - Register to participate via your mobile phone
    - Use app to race around Bangkok city and catch the N Ball
    - For those, who applies or uses KTB Netbank* service, you can receive special power that gives you advantages in the game
    - If you have the N Ball at the end of the day, you will receive a prize, ranging from 100,000 Baht to 1 million Baht
    - Brag about your strategy and your awesome skill in catching the N Ball on Facebook

    Please note:
    - To play the game, you must activate your location services (GPS) and mobile phone data service such as 3G, EDGE and GPRS at all time
    - The stability of your mobile phone operator’s network and speed of your internet connection can highly affect your ability to play the game smoothly
    - The loss in phone signal will result your performance and may cause you to lose the N Ball in your possession
    - To play the game smoothly, you should play in open area, without obstacle against your GPS and Mobile phone signal
    - As the application requires your phone to send GPS signal, it may cause your phone’s battery to run out of power faster than usual

    * KTB netbank is the newest innovative consumer banking service from Krung Thai Bank which enables customers to effectively manage their financial transactions through highly secured system with no limits of time and place. That is, the clients can conduct transactions 24 / 7 anywhere. For more information click the following link

    Recommend resolution 1,280 X 720 Pixel

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