Naruto S Mugen (Tablet)

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    Naruto S Mugen (Tablet)

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    This is the tablet version of the game Naruto Mugen S: Attack of ninja

    This game is a final project based on the Naruto Shippuden series from the start until the fourth ninja war.

    To download the additional content is recommended to use wifi connection.

    Since the game is entirely didactic, it falls short of a commercial game, has done everything possible to retain the history with the material used.

    The game features a story mode, each level has a text explaining the story and then fighting each level.

    A player versus mode against the computer, there are characters as it blocked and level advancement are unlocked.
    The game has 3 difficulty levels and each level of the game has 3 difficulty modes to be rated.

    The score mode where you can repeat a level to improve the score.

    The way to change the language preferences and level of difficulty.

    The help mode explains the game's controls.

    The game needs an additional 100 mb download, the server sometimes fails, so that screen will not be discharged until all the material.

    I hope you enjoy it, and I appreciate it puntuarais application.

    I apologize in advance for if you find a bug, as it is done by one person (me) and maybe I missed something.

    Thanks to:, have the material disposed.

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